Finding the Right Flowers for Your Wedding

            Flowers play a significant role in your wedding day; from the bouquets to the floral arrangements, flowers help to bring a breath of fresh air to your celebration. Your personal style can greatly be expressed through your choice of flowers. When it comes to finding the right flowers for your wedding there are several factors that determine which flowers make the cut. We have found the best ways to determine which flowers are perfect for your wedding day.

  1. Budget

The first factor when deciding which flowers you would like to have at your wedding is the amount of money you can spend on floral arrangements. Whether you can splurge or you would like to stay modest, there are lots of options to keep you on track. For the budget savvy bride, artificial flowers are a great way to save money while maintaining a sophisticated appearance. Once you find your perfect budget, discuss your options with a florist, they can help determine which flower options fit in with your budget.

  1. Style

Your personal style is one major factor when finding the perfect flowers for your wedding. There are many different types of arrangements, bouquet shapes and styles, trends, and types of flowers. Hibiscus flowers are the perfect match for a beach wedding, while baby’s breath and greenery are perfect for a rustic wedding. The bridal bouquet can be determined by wedding style as well, a brooch bouquet will dazzle at an elegant affair, while a burlap wrapped handle with pearls will add a rustic touch. Finding the flowers that match your personal style will guarantee wedding day floral success.

  1. Time of the Year

Believe it or not, the time of the year will help determine which flowers are used for your wedding. There are flowers that resemble the seasons and fit perfectly with the time of the year. In the fall, bold flowers such as orange and red dahlias make a statement, and in the summer, bright flowers such as pink peonies make beautiful bouquets and centerpieces. Certain flowers are only available during certain times of the year. For example, daffodils are only available from November to April, which means come summertime they won’t be blooming through floral shops. Be sure to check with your florist and have backup options in case your flower of choice is not available.

  1. Wedding Color

Your wedding color scheme will influence which flowers make an appearance at your wedding. With the amount of flower choices and the ability to change the color of flowers with a little food coloring, finding the perfect color of flowers is pretty easy. Be sure to choose your dress and bridesmaids dresses before choosing flowers. The color and style of the dresses will influence the color and shape of bouquets. If you can’t decide which flowers you would like, ask your florist for a portfolio of past wedding arrangements to help guide you in the right direction.

            With the amount of flower options, deciding which flowers you would like to have at your wedding can be a bit overwhelming. There are several factors that influence the flower choice at your celebration. Be sure to find a reasonable budget, know which flowers are in season, choose your wedding style and color scheme, decide between real or artificial, and meet with a florist to discuss your ideas and options.

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