Top 10 Honeymoon Planning Tips

The best part of getting married, besides saying “I do”, is the honeymoon! After saying “yes”, it’s crunch time, and the planning process can be quite stressful. From the dress to the final send off, no detail is left untouched. Through all the flowers and icing, a break from the stress can be found in your honeymoon. We have compiled a list of 10 foolproof honeymoon planning tips.

            Don’t wait till the last minute to plan

Planning a honeymoon can be intimidating, and often, put last on the lengthy list of “things to do”. Waiting to plan your honeymoon can cost you, as the closer you get to your departure date, the more likely you are to pay a premium and lose out on seating availability. Start planning early and contact a travel agent, they can help put together a great package and work around your budget.

            Set a budget and try to stick it

A budget is important when it comes to planning a honeymoon. Your budget will help determine the type of honeymoon you will have. Whether it be a cruise, a road trip, European exploration, or a tropical destination, it should fall within your means. When setting your budget, be realistic and remember that you will be starting your life together which includes purchasing your first home. Step away from the traditional registry and start a honeymoon registry to help fund your special trip. Travel tip: all-inclusive resorts, cruises, and big resorts offer “resort credits” which can be used at the property as free money for spa services, tours, and more.

            Discuss your honeymoon wishes and expectations

Do you plan on getting away to relax, going on an adventure, or keeping it simple and discovering a new town? Be sure you and your future spouse are on the same page when it comes to your honeymoon goals. Express exactly what you expect from your trip and plan accordingly. A great way to set the mood is to plan a special surprise for your other half. Contact your hotel to schedule a massage, bottle of champagne, or a decadent dessert as a treat.

            Decide on the best time to go

Many couples plan to leave directly after the wedding, which does not leave much time for the stresses of the wedding to ware off. Give yourself at least a week to relax and settle into your new married life. Consider the season of your wedding, summer is perfect for a tropical oasis or cruise, while the winter is great for snuggling by the fire at a ski resort. Be sure you and your future spouse can get the same vacation time from work and plan accordingly. When you decide on the perfect time then you can start planning your dream honeymoon. Note: for winter weddings, if you live a snowy area remember many flights get canceled or delayed.

            Find the perfect destination

Whether you prefer sipping cocktails in a hammock on a tropical island, a gondola ride in Venice, hiking the beautiful mountains in Sweden, or wine tasting in Napa. Your perfect destination should reflect your relationship with your significant other. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a new adventure, be sure it is something the two of you will enjoy together. Remember, your honeymoon is the time for you to celebrate your new life and future together.

            Plan activities and experiences

It is important for you to enjoy yourselves on your honeymoon, be sure to find leisure activities that both of you appreciate. Resorts offer a variety of watersports, classes, and excursions, make sure to check with your hotel for a list of activities. Travel itineraries and blogs have great examples of experiences and activities to help take the stress out of planning and figuring out what to do.

            Plan a mini-moon

If a honeymoon is out of your budget or not your style, plan a mini-moon. Find a bed and breakfast or a new town within driving distance so you and your new spouse can escape for a romantic getaway. A mini-moon is the perfect way to get out and enjoy some time alone without breaking the bank or taking too much time from bigger things, like finding your new house.  

            Arrange transportation

Save time and stress by arranging transportation to and from the airport ahead of time. Be sure you have a way to and from your local airport, as well as your destination airport and hotel. Having transportation ahead of time will save you from the hassle of bothering family or friends the day of, and trying to figure out how to get around a foreign destination. Note: In places like Italy you cannot wave down a taxi like you can in New York City, you must call a taxi service and arrange a pick up and drop off location.

            Pack accordingly

Whether you will be sunbathing in Santorini or discovering ancient ruins in Peru, be sure to pack accordingly. Sandals or sneakers, honeymoon hats or beanie, either way make sure it is ideal for your destination of choice. You do not want to get stuck in a foreign place with the wrong attire.

            Make new memories

This is the trip of a lifetime, so treat it as so. Celebrate this special time with your new spouse and enjoy each other. Get out of your comfort zone and discover new places with the one you love by your side. No matter how or where you decide to spend your honeymoon, be sure to make new memories that will last a lifetime.

Planning a honeymoon can be stressful, especially when you are trying to plan a wedding. Be sure to take the right steps to planning your dream vacation with your new spouse. Take the time to plan ahead, rather than waiting last minute. Find your dream destination that is within your budget. Discover activities that suit you and your location, and check travel itineraries for new ideas. Have your travel arrangements ready and do not forget the appropriate documents for travel. If you have any hesitations or concerns, seek advice from a travel agent. Most importantly, have fun and make new memories with your significant other.   

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